Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS)

Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS)

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Why Use IOS?

Oil and Gas industries use tubular products from IOS

We are an industry leader for non-destructive testing and inspection.

Inspection Oilfield Services plays an integral role in each stage of the oil and gas industry, from the drilling and production market segment to transportation to refineries, as well as in distribution networks carrying hydrocarbon fluids and natural gas.
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Our innovative engineering and product development solutions inspire the safety, reliability, and performance of critical transportation and energy infrastructures.

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Oil and Gas Industry Services

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IOS is a leader in non-destructive testing and inspection services for tubular products used in critical oil and gas applications.

We have implemented market-leading testing and inspection technologies, as well as developed software that provides customers with detailed information on the integrity of their tubular assets.

Safety is a core commitment to our customers, employees, and partners. IOS takes a proactive approach to safety and provides its technicians and inspectors with comprehensive safety and technical training. We follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines as well as Hazmat PPE standards.

Our recent projects

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We have over 30 years of experience in this industry

Drill Pipe Inspection

IOS Certified Inspectors

Casing and Tubing

Casing, Production Tubing, Frac Tubing, Workover Strings

Drill Tool Inspection

Drill Tools, Specialty Tools, Proprietary Tools

Threading Services

API and Proprietary Licensed CNC Threading

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