Casing and Tubing

Casing and Tubing

IOS offers inspection of casing, production tubing, frac tubing, and workover strings.

IOS offers a wide variety of services for casing and tubing. We have a full line of traditional machine shop tools, including manual machines, boring mills, CNC and precision OD and ID grinding services. These tools and equipment, along with our experienced team, enable IOS to provide leading quality in a safe and efficient working environment. Operations include threading API standard connections as well as a variety of premium connections.

Extend the life of your tubing and gain valuable peace of mind with our tubing reclamation services. We follow Standard Operating Procedures or your specifications that are audited for quality compliance. Both in-plant and mobile reclamation services are available.

IOS provides on-site thread cleaning and visual inspection services.


  • API Full Length Drifting,
  • Bevel, De-Dent and Straightening
  • Bundling,
  • Coupling Bucking,
  • Decontamination Coating,
  • Dye Penetrant,
  • Electromagnetic Inspection, (EMI) – two and four function
  • Full-Length Drift,(FLD)
  • Full-Length Ultrasonic Inspection,
  • Hydrostatic Testing,
  • Inspection and Bolstering of Chrome Tubing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection,
  • On-site Thread Cleaning, and Visual Inspection, (VTI)
  • Scale and Paraffin Removal,
  • Special End Area (SEA) Inspection,
  • Third-Party Monitoring,
  • Thread Gauging,
  • Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Inspection,
  • Weld Line Ultrasonic Inspection,
  • Well Returns,
  • ID Rattling and Hydro Cleaning,
  • OD Cleaning