Pipe Refurbishing Services

Pipe Refurbishing Services

Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS) provides a broad and diverse range of pipe refurbishing services to oil and gas operators, drilling contractors, machine shops, pipe manufacturers and distributors and rental tool companies.


Mobile Services

Our fleet of mobile service crews, vehicles and equipment are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing many of the services offered at our fixed service locations. Our units arrive ready to work with certified technicians and the necessary equipment to quickly get the job done.

Our mobile units are outfitted with portable refacing equipment which can remove imperfections on shoulders to increase the life span of tool joints. This equipment leaves a machine finish on connections, and copper sulfate and connection coating is provided.


Cleaning, Reconditioning and Coating

IOS offers protection services for used drill pipe up to 10 inches in diameter. Cleaning involves the removal of loose internal coating, scale, foreign matter and other debris from the ID or OD of the pipe after cleaning, we can provide an internal coating of corrosion inhibitor.


Threading, Repair and Storage 

IOS brings you industry-leading threading and repair services delivered from multiple API licensed locations that set the standard for service quality, experience and customer support. We operate 24/7 and are equipped with state-of-the-art machines that thread API or certain non-upset premium connections, as well as easily manage difficult-to-thread pipe and specialty jobs. We efficiently handle both large and small batches. We also store and track all types of OCTG by type, grade, range, number of feet and number of joints, all in an industry standard inventory system that allows for timely audit and reporting.



Our portable pipe straightening unit is unmatched in its ability to efficiently straighten tubular materials. This service restores crooked or corkscrewed pipe to a usable condition. Using hydraulic components, the pipe is rotated while pressure is applied over the full length of the pipe.



We provide refacing services to all API rotary shoulder connections, as well as to double-shouldered premium drill pipe connections. All of our technicians are experienced and follow our Standard Operating Procedures or customer specifications.



Protect and extend the life of your drill pipe and drill tools with hardbanding services from IOS. We save you even more with mobile hardbanding units that complete work at your site, eliminating expensive transportation costs and reducing production delays. Our experienced hardbanding technicians follow your specifications or our Standard Operating Procedures.